16 August 2011

Murphy's Law, Episode 378, with a twist

Todd Wells, winner of the 2011 Leadville 100We'd planned to drive to Leadville last weekend to watch the start of THE mountain bike race, then ride around Turquoise Lake a time or two. Decided at the last minute our time would be better spent riding Deer Creek Canyon, which requires no driving. We ride to the start and ride home after the finish. The Lizard is participating in the Deer Creek Challenge next weekend, so this was his final chance to train.

Good climbs, legs ready, whip up a whole wheat pasta salad while we search the internet for Leadville 100 results. We were really hoping Fat Cyclist would finally nail his sub-9 finish, the 100 mile course in 9 hours or less for the prized belt buckle. Fatty had added incentive this year. Specialized offered to GIVE him the S-works 29er he was demo-ing if he could claim the sub-9 on it.

He did!!!!!

All those years of trying, and he finally got it. He drove to Leadville chanting, "Sub-9, and you're mine!" And he got it!

So inspirational for the big rides we have coming up! If Fatty can do it, so can we!!!

Then comes Monday morning, and blood red fluid all over the ground beneath the car just a few miles from work. Lost the brakes. Oh, my gosh. We lost the brakes.

If we had driven to Leadville on Saturday, we would have scaled three mountain passes in the 4Runner. That trusty OLD, official SAG vehicle pushing 285,000 miles. And we would have lost brakes. A lot further from home, and possibly on a descent. Probably on Kenosha Pass. A steep two-lane highway with plenty of traffic and no runaway truck ramp I can recall.

It could have been a disaster.

Thank you, God, for keeping us safe.

Old Faithful


  1. My gosh! Lucky it turned out ok in the end.

  2. You gotta just love that sign too funny...great going!

  3. Deeply grateful that you avoided disaster with the brakes. That gave me a whole-body shudder, considering the mountain passes...

    Good on Fatty for the amazing ride! He definitely worked for it.

  4. Oh my goodness. I would say your guardian angel is working overtime for you, thank you God. So very glad you lost the brakes as you did. You both will do well. Blessings.

  5. My stomach is churning. Thank God indeed.

  6. Thank God...I can imagine the feeling you had. :-)


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