12 August 2011

Friday Funny

Grand Rapids pulls it off again! This incredible, amazing retirement home video was shot in ONE take! Watch for magnificent little touches, such as prune juice cocktails...


  1. You find the best videos. Too funny!!! I can always count on you to brighten up my Fridays!!

  2. when I retire I want to live there lol! If it is that fun... that was soooo great!!!

  3. What a great group they really make the video with the voice of our new age Frankie matching up really well! ...

  4. I think I liked the Depends product placement even more than the prune juice cocktails. Especially when the lady in the scooter snatches it out of the gentleman's hand.

    Thanks for the laugh. I needed it this morning!

  5. the coolest thing I´ve ever seen I think. Thanks for finding it. :)

  6. well that lifted my spirits!

  7. Fantastic!!! I've always wanted to build a "home" and it would be like that.


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