30 August 2011

Garden Jewel

Collared Lizard in Glass
It's here! It's here!

Stratoz created a gorgeous glass mosaic replica of one of my photos for our garden. We've been waiting on pins and needles to see this beautiful piece, and it's every bit as stunning as we expected!

We are in the process of redesigning our yards and garden, so this baby gets to hang out in our living room for a while, perhaps until next spring. Which makes it all the easier for us to enjoy it every single day, particularly with the potential of Colorado's seasons rapidly changing in the next couple of weeks.

Stratoz wondered why we would want to put this outside. Having it inside definitely inspires second thoughts. This may just be too nice to stick outside! We may decide to use it as a table top in the living room instead. I foresee us growing too attached to it to dare place it out in the elements!

Collared Lizard in Rattlesnake Canyon


  1. It´s beautiful ♥♥♥

  2. Wonderful! Two pieces of art: the mosaic and the picture! Congratulations to you both! Brazilian rainy kisses...

  3. Oooooooh, it is music to the eyes... and captures the spirit of the photo beautifully. Love, love, LOVE the brilliant blue border, too!

  4. I love the mosaic! Perfect for you.

    Collared lizards always look almost fake to me because their coloring is so unbelievable. They're very cooperative photo subjects, in my limited experience. Great photo.

  5. I'd keep it inside too. If not a table top, definitely a wall piece (don't know how big or heavy it is). I could see it hanging in an entry; someplace smaller, with neutral walls, where it would be a real focal piece.

    Absolutely gorgeous.

  6. sigh of relief for the safe arrival!

  7. Much rejoicing here at Nutmeg Designs that the Lizard made it to you safely! I got kind of attached to him when it was on my studio drafting table, after grouting and before shipping.

  8. That's gorgeous!!! Lucky you!

  9. I love glass art. That's beautiful!


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