28 August 2011

Death March

Taken with SmugShot on my iPhone

The Lizard suggested this title, referring to the Julian Death March he competed in a few years ago in California.

I missed the Glen Cove cutoff by five minutes. I had an hour less to get there. But I was stronger. I beat my split from last year by 13 minutes, and I averaged 4.7 mph.

The Lizard made the summit in three hours and 31 minutes!!!

Taken with SmugShot on my iPhone


  1. What can I say but, Awesome!

  2. Congratulations! Next year you will be even better and stronger and you will make that cut off time.

  3. 5 minutes? So you did it in 70 minutes faster than last year? I am extremely proud of you! That is an amazing accomplishment, maybe not what you wanted but still an amazing feat. Lay back and rest and be proud that you really did do an awesome job.

  4. I thought of you this weekend, wondering how your race against time was going. Oh so close. But, you are looking at it the best way possible - you were much faster than last year, and you *barely* missed the cutoff. I hope that you'll keep at it, and conquer that beast next year.

    Your attitude inspires me. Thank you so very much. I often think of your saying that goes something like "just try to go a littler further and harder than you thought that you could" when faced with adversity on the bike (and in life, for that matter). I thought of it during my adventure in the San Juans that I wrote about recently. Like I said, you're an inspiration.

  5. Thank you Karen, Susan, Jody and KB. Kind of glad it's over with now. Now my nerves can go back to normal.

    Jody, I was only 13 minutes faster than last year. They had us start an hour later, but they didn't change the cutoff time. On the very bright side, if I'd still had 7.5 hours, I'd have made it. I needed 15 more minutes, and I made up 13 in the first 18 miles. I could have made up two more minutes in the last six miles, especially since we didn't have the headwind this year.

  6. Coulda, shoulda, woulda - try to forget the outcome and consider the fact that the cutoff point was just an arbitrary number, and you happened to fall (barely) to one side of it. You pretty much accomplished your goal, in the big scheme of things. Congratulations on all of your hard work, and racing the race. You are a true inspiration, Deb.

  7. 13 minutes? That's massive. You trained HARD and it showed, big time. You are stronger, more tenacious than ever, determined and best of all? You have follow-through. You decided to tackle this thing head-on, in spite of the late notice that a full HOUR had been shaved off the allowed time. I'm tremendously proud of you. It takes far more guts to risk it all and give everything you've got when you are uncertain of the outcome.

    You're stronger for it and you have made huge strides toward your goal. You've got heart and you've got a lot of fight left in you. Third time's the charm, my friend. Think of it like rounds in the boxing ring, right? You haven't been KO'ed yet- rally and come back for round three. You can sucker punch this thing. I know you can.

  8. I left you a couple of comments from my sister's computer yesterday (where I was keeping an eye on your blog to catch the results ASAP), but I think they got lost in transit. So I'll try again:

    Congrats to both of you!

    Deb, you improved your time by a huge margin. You kept going and didn't give up. 4.7 mph is AWESOME. I know you must be disappointed, but I am so proud of you for even trying. Hold your head high. You are an inspiration to us all.

  9. I haven't been on a bicycle since I was 17! I am impressed by your dedication and passion for cycling.

  10. I have a vague memory of climbing it in a car with my parents when I was 13. You amaze me to been fit enough to climb it on a bicycle, if not at their time scale.


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