02 August 2011


Anniversary Calla Lily
I came home to a pot of bright yellow callas last month. The Lizard bought them for our wedding anniversary, even though we had planned a romantic weekend away.

The following week, I was watering the indoor plants when I noticed something new. Before we began dating, The Lizard inherited a hoya plant from his father. The plant got to move in with me when The Lizard and I got married. The hoya seemed to have seen its better years, yet still I tried to keep it happy, alive and green. I'd been told the flowers were outstanding, but I'd never seen them.

After our romantic getaway, the plant finally bloomed. First time since I've known it. The flowers are GORGEOUS! The Lizard says its the first time he's seen it flower in many a moon. Since before he met me!

Nothing like celebrating our anniversary with us!

anniversary surprise
Last month I received a package in the mail from Hawaii. I'd read about Maren's clove seeds back in April, and even though Colorado probably is not the ideal environment for anything tropical, I wanted to try.

I ordered 20 seeds, knowing I'd probably lose most, if not all, of them. 20 chances at growing my own clove are better than none.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I so carefully opened the package and found 18 of my 20 seeds had sprouted en route! Maren included the most excellent instructions, and I immediately set about planting my little seedlings. Get this, they thrive in clay! (That's what my backyard is made of.)

Not all of these babies will produce trees, but even if only one succeeds, I'll be happy as can be. Maren said they can take a long, long time to set their roots, so I may not know for a long time if something is happening beneath the surface. Yet still, it's fun to go home every day and check for any sign of growth, even when nothing is apparent.

Hawaiian Surprise
clove seedlings
Grow, grow, grow!
Meanwhile, my cycling training also is blossoming. I'm getting stronger, and I'm slowly building confidence.

However, I'm also getting nervous. 25 more days, and I'll be on my way up Pikes Peak again. I have a new attitude this year.

I will not be swept.

No broom for me.


  1. Lovely and romantic? flowers.

    Haha, I love the last pic...

  2. Exotic lighting on those flower shots! I've never heard of a clove (tree? bush?), but "thrives in clay" is music to my ears. Those seeds look amazing as they are, so I can't imagine how incredible a full grown plant would be.

    Keep up the good work with your cycling! You're going to do it!

  3. Thanks, Neferi and Patty!

    I think it's a clove tree, but we'll see what it grows to be in Colorado... if it indeed grows. Bristlecone pines grow normal at lower elevations, but at treeline, they are short and stunted. Maybe the clove tree will do the same thing!

    I use cloves in most of my dessert and tea recipes, so I'm hoping at some point, I might be able to harvest my own instead of buying it at the store. The clove tree doesn't produce fruit, though, until it's at least seven years old, from what I hear. So fingers crossed... (for seven whole years!!! but gotta make it through winter first...)

  4. Very lovely flowers and a romantic gesture from Lizzard :)

  5. The hoya flowers are unlike anything I've ever seen! They almost look like something from the ocean. Sturdy, yet delicate- delightfully pink and with juicy little centers that look almost good enough to eat. Just. Wow.

    Also. You will not be swept. Uh-huh. No way. You have worked so hard to get to this point- you will finish strong.

    Love that last shot, too.

  6. how nice of that Hoya to bloom for you. I have hoyas but that one. I think. I got a small plant from a friend and the said it is pink. But it will take time before I know for sure.

  7. Such luscious yellow! And lovely gesture from the Lizard. Someone gave my mother a Hoya plant when I was little, and the flowers were beautiful. I bought one several years ago, and it has yet to bloom, but I have hope!

  8. A fitting end to a romantic weekend. Those blossoms are amazing.

    Fascinating story on the clove - never knew where it came from before.

    So glad the training is going well. You've got the right attitude and you will NOT be swept.


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