02 August 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Colorado Trail
Colorado Trail
Canada Thistle
Jeff Kerkove
Ethan Passant
Eszter Horanyi
Doug Johnson
Jill Hueckman
2011 Colorado Trail Race
all smiles
Steve Lacey
Max Nuttelman and John Ross
2011 Colorado Trail Race
Tuesday's standings


  1. Looks like fuUN! I feel like such a kid when I (rarely) go mountain biking. Wheeee!

  2. Looks like another great day of biking!
    I love the first picture with the trail and the meadow. The trail almost looks purple (probably an effect from the flowers). I like the closeup of the flower, too.

  3. cool shots and it seems like fun. But I am glad I am not in that slope. :)

  4. Whhheeeeeeeee!!! Love this series. You even got a wave from one of them- what a great shot.

  5. I love the shot with the guy who preferred running through the puddle. What was going on there?

    Beautiful wildflowers and cheerful cyclists. A winning combination!

  6. what a crew of joyful folk. You were blessed to spend the day with them

  7. I know this will make me sound like a seventh grade girl but, holy moly, those are some adorable boys. They don't make 'em that cute here in Philly.


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