25 August 2011

Above the Trees

Cottonwood Pass
Yesterday's training ride was on the mountain bike again. Carried a big, heavy pack. Because I needed the real camera. Had to ride up Cottonwood Pass. Because, well...

The Apostles from Cottonwood Pass

King of the Mountains

fan club

clouds move in


Big George!


Perish the thought.

No, thank you.


  1. Oh yes! A giant good reason for sure! Great photos! It felt like being there!

  2. I discovered your post looking for crochet patterns and have been more than well-fed by your creativity! But you are also a wordsmith and I love reading your blog.

    I'll be thinking of you on Saturday as you climb Pikes Peak in Colorado while I decorate a bedroom in Belfast!

    Blessings, Esther

  3. I have study group for my final exams tomorrow and I didn't want to miss telling you good luck on your endeavor this weekend. After 25 years i went back to college and every day is a struggle for me - I feel for what you are facing, and I lend you my strength and best wishes for a speedy trip. I have faith in you!

  4. LOL, love the broom wagon! You have the most beautiful playground! And you know how to use it!

  5. Been following your blog a while now. Have tried to comment before but not able to get it posted. I am not a blogger.
    I wish you great success in your Pikes peak ride. Would like to say good luck but that seems to minimize your hard work and effort. I am betting you will get there fast enough to medal.
    Great blog, wonderful pics, awesome patterns and beautiful quilt making. I share your interests except for the biking. Don't know where to start.

    Bev in Halifax NS

  6. Thank you, Esther, Judy and Bev. I think I'll do fine. Still nervous as ever, but I feel strong. I'm going into it very happy!

  7. Brooms on the broom wagon? Genius. You're powering your way in Saturday with strength and grace.

    Will be anxiously awaiting your ride report. Any chance Lizard can offer updates from his vantage point as lead cheer-man at the end?

  8. About 3 pictures in, I started to guess the reason for the BIG camera. How exciting to see a world-class cycling event in your own backyard, as it were!

    We were priviliged to see some of the cycling back in '84 when the Olympics were in LA (bits of the team time-trial, and we camped out to watch the road race). Such fun to watch the big boys fight it out.

    The broom wagon is hilarious.

    Thought of you on today's ride while pathetically gasping for breath in the last few miles of a lone mini time-trial (okay, there was a headwind, but still I felt like a wimp). "If Deb were here, she'd blow me out of the water," was the general trend of thought.

    You are such a stalwart and I can't wait to hear about Sunday's ride. Mr. M was wondering what kind of tires you'll have (he mentioned something about flotation). Keep your chin up!

  9. You ARE a wordsmith and a great photographer. I was glad I read that on Esthers comment....she put what I thought into the perfect word.
    You have biked 2788 miles.....3000 isn't too far off and it's only August! You go girl!

  10. Phew, opened these yesterday and then had to work before I could comment! Love the top shots, what a view. And you cycled up there, no engine, great. Umm - brooms? Is this a cultural thing I'm not getting?

  11. such a beautiful landscape. Would suit me perfectly. So many people biking? It is stunning.

  12. Oh, I love those landscapes...

  13. Thank you, Ti, Maria, Sue, Niamh, Irma and Nature Footstep!

    Esther and Maria, I think I'll be walking on air this weekend, and maybe even biking on air, because you think I'm a wordsmith! That really made my week! Thank you!

    Maria, I thought maybe I might be able to nail that 3,000 mile mark on Pikes Peak, which would have made the ride a double milestone, assuming I make the summit. But I had to taper the last couple of days, not only because I'm supposed to, but because I lost brakes in the car AGAIN, and the new ones were only two weeks old!!! (Fixed under warranty, but now the back end is vibrating again, darn it!)

    Niamh, typically the routs of major rides and races are swept before and after each event. Before the event, they are sweeping debris off the road so the cyclists will be safe. After the event, they sweep the slow riders. If you're not fast enough, the broomwagon gets ya!

    Ti, we probably won't have signal on Pikes, but I'll try to snap a few pictures, and I'll post as soon as I do have signal.

  14. I thought that was why you went up to Cottonwood. So cool! I love the photo of George Hincapie! It's too bad that there wasn't more attacking over Cottonwood but I'm sure that it was still a blast!


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