19 August 2011

Friday Funny

The lady bug is the BEST part!!! Well, except for the Bacon punchline at the end...

Find out more about LoveHopeStrength.org here. Or go to their website.


  1. This is too cool, and my it's my most favorite kind of bacon too! Thanks for sharing this....!

  2. Very cool. I was glad to find those links to the songs at the end.

  3. Why on earth would so many people want to climb this mountain? I'm tired just watching them! I would rather have this 'Bacon' than the other - less fattening :-)

  4. I really thought it would turn out to be cakes or cookies or something of that nature - "bakin'".

    Or possibly something to do with law enforcement - "I definitely smell a pork product of some kind."

    The ladybug is hilarious. Thanks for the fun video.

  5. Very cute idea for a film - was getting worried our intrepid cameraman would collapse on the way up, lots of heavy breathing there. And in a good cause too

  6. As always - you find the best. Thank-you!!!


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