21 November 2013

All Kinds of Flakes

I'm always looking for inspiration for snowflakes, and my readers and I have found a treasure trove. The snowflake above was inspired by this.

Geeky snowflakes galore!

Zombie Snowflake

Skullflake Tutorial. (If you're into skulls, there's a whole year's worth of skull tutorials on this site.)

Tulsa Gent tipped me off to these beauties.

Bet this would work with Epsom salts, too.

snowflakes made from recycled cardboard tubes

more cardboard tube (five-point) snowflakes (easily convert to six-point)

six-pointers from cardboard tubes

Gorgeous tatted snowflakes.

origami snowflakes

clothespin snowflake

puzzle snowflakes

spoon snowflake

Holy macaroni!

recycled cup snowflake frames

salt dough and melted bead suncatcher snowflakes

bottle bottom snowflakes

My husband loves aircraft.

folded and cut paper... INCREDIBLE

cardboard and yarn snowflakes

polymer clay tutorial

salt dough ornaments

snowflake eggs

what to do with punched paper snowflakes

super cute paper snowflake box

Part I and Part II of embroidered felt snowflake ornament tutorial (but SIX sides, not eight!)

Puffy Paint Snowflakes

snowflake ballerinas

cotton swab snowflakes

Star Wars snowflakes

six-sided paper snowflakes

giant popsicle stick snowflakes

Zipper Pull Snowflake Ornament

Pasta Snowflakes (in Russian, but the pictures tell the story)

video tutorial for making golf tee snowflakes (I'd make them with six sides, not eight)

snowflake slime

twig snowflakes

yarn twig snowflakes

tortilla snowflakes here, here and here

3D snowflakes

humorous snowflake cake

origami snowflake tutorial

snowflakes from old books

Kit Cameo's amazing snowflake gallery

Free-motion quilting snowflake tutorial

Wouldn't this be cute with a snowflake instead of a doily???

Scroll down for a great way to gift snowflakes.

An incredible collection of beaded snowflakes.

cereal box snowflakes

Wouldn't this be cool in crochet?!?

Wowsa!!! (first window)

Another spectacular Christmas window

snowflake wreath

vintage snowflakes

felt snowflakes

glow-in-the-dark 50-state snowflake quilt

plastic bottle bottoms

recycled CD snowflake mosaic

junk mail snowflake gift toppers

snowflake tree

beaded snowflake garland

Russian beaded snowflake

Part I and Part II of polymer clay snowflake and ornament tutorial

snowflake quilt block

paper and lace snowflakes

easy glue snowflakes (but snowflakes have 6 sides, not 8)

I bet this could be done with recycled things like cups...

puzzling (the faces further down the page are cute, too)

how to shoot snowflakes

I'd love to do this with a bicycle wheel, Lizard!

more free crochet snowflake patterns

even more free crochet snowflake patterns

Not snowflakes, but very snowflake-ish!

Oh, what fun!!!

hang me

Too funny!!!

Oh, do these ever make me want to start drawing again!

Okay, maybe I WILL start drawing again!!!

I'm going to try dreamcatchers like this with snowflakes instead of doilies!

No-stiffening-required snowflake suggestions.

Felt Snowflake Banner

How to Draw an Exotic Snowflake

Stunning Redwork Snowflake Patterns

Glue Gun Snowflake Window Clings

Paper Snowflake Trees

Lighted Snowflake Canvas

Snowflake-blowing Polar Bear

Quilled Aluminum Snowflakes

Snowflake String Art

Snowflake Crafts for Kids

WOW! She's making a snowflake a day in 2015... with a new baby!!!

Leah Day's beautiful machine-embroidered snowflakes

I LOVE it! A recipe for indoor snowball fights!!! Watch out, Lizard!!! ;)

Live Snowflake Weather Cam at Alta Ski Area in Utah!

The Koch Snowflake

Another Snowflake Addict

National Geographic Snowflake Puzzle

(four-sided) Game of Thrones Snowflakes

another snowflake generator

another one

Catch a Snowflake Game

Machine-embroidered snowflakes

Disney Links

"Frozen" snowflake matching game

Elsa's Snowflake Ornament

"Frozen" Snowflake Maze

Olaf & Marshmallow Snowflake Maze

Elsa & Anna Snowflake Maze

Queen Clarion Snowflake Tiara

"Frozen" Paper Snowflake Templates


Frozen-inspired Snowflake Pendant

Frozen-inspired paper snowflakes

Snowflake Photography

Alexey Kljatov's snowflake photography

Don Komarechka's snowflake photography

Kenneth Libbrecht's snowflake photography and science

Karla Jean Booth's snowflake photography

Snowflake Bentley

Andrew Osokin's macro photography features some unusual snowflake crystals.

Holly Greene's snowflake photography

Michael Peres' snowflake photography

Mark Cassino's snowflake photography

Linden Gledhill's snowflake photography

Stuart J. Hall's snowflake photography

Electron Microscope Snowflake Photos


  1. Your creativity is endless. You inspire me so much with your talent. Thank you for sharing your gift with us. Just stop and think for a moment, all over the world, there are crocheted snowflakes because of you! That's pretty awesome.

    Blessings always sweet friend. :)

    1. Thanks, Stitchy! I'd not thought about how many snowflakes there are because of my patterns. That's a really wonderful Thanksgiving thought! Thank you for bringing a happy spirit to my week!

  2. Wow they are all so different, some a bit trippy looking and others bright as can be, plus deer for all to see. Nicely done

    1. Thank you, Pat. I always wonder when you will tire of looking at snowflakes...

  3. You are " The Snowflake " Lady....as always...inspiring !

    1. Thanks, Faith! I think that's a title I can live with. :)

  4. Wow! I wish I had seen this while I was still teaching! I always did snowflake things with my kiddos ~ usually combined with poetry. That first snowflake is stunning! I hope that you are enjoying today's taste of snow!

    1. Snowflakes and poetry is the perfect Christmas gift, Fundy! Maybe one day you can share on your blog about your classroom snowflake endeavors...

  5. These are such great snowflake resources, but I must say I just prefer to use your awesome snowflake patterns rather than design my own :).

    1. Thank you, Marie, but you really should keep designing snowflakes! Your first one is awesome!

  6. thank you for all the inspiration you give to us snowflakers! I haven't checked them out yet but you can bet I will check each and everyone out!

    1. Many happy hours checking out the plethora of links, Brenda, and happy Thanksgiving!

  7. You and your amazing links ... I only had time to look at a few, but I loved that quilled snowflake (the TP roll one), and those microscopic photos - simply miraculous. God must have a ton of fun designing all those snowflakes!

    P.S. If you are The Snowflake Lady, can we call you Flake Lady for short? ;)

    1. Um, Sue, The Lizard said, "That's an understatement!" (Me being the Flake Lady.) :D

  8. Hi Snowcatcher,
    You do beautiful work and we are all blessed that God has given you this gift to share.
    I would like to share something with you and you can share it with others if you like. I was looking at the simple plarn snowflake and it hit me that these would be weatherproof. Why keep them small, my idea is to use not only the bags from the stores, but to pick up a box of tall kitchen can bags from the dollar store each month. I will cut these into wide strips of 2-3 inches in width. Next I will crochet the snowflakes using a P,Q, or S hook to make them bigger. I can then use any string to hang them from the trees outside and have twelve new ones each year with little to no cost. Even for those people who live in areas where decorations tend to get ripped off these are no great loss. Just wish the person who took them blessings and make new ones for the next year.
    As I said feel free to share this idea if you would like as I am an older disabled woman who believes that we get back what we give.

    1. Hello, Pallie, and thank you for a wonderful suggestion! I think this could even work with grocery bags, just cut in wider strips. What a great way to use them up without harming the environment!

      You have a beautiful attitude and outlook. I wish you much joy in your snowflake creations and hope you will share with us the lovely outdoor decorations you wind up with.

  9. Snowcatcher: My sister would like to make the snowflake shown above on the back of the jeans. Did you write out a pattern for that one? Thanks so much!

  10. Snowcatcher: Found it! Thanks!!!

    1. Awesome, Pat! Glad you found it so quickly! Wish that particular flake would work up as fast... :)


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