28 November 2013

I am Thankful

Orange Day

I made this list of things I was most thankful for one winter when I just couldn't fight depression setting in that year. The list worked then, and it still makes me smile now.

1. The Lizard
2. Inner peace, faith
3. Having Colorado and Utah in my backyard
4. Paw prints in the snow
5. Bobbing tufts of purple on July/August summits

sky pilot, with Gemini Peaks in the background

6. The ability, endurance and determination to pedal all the way up Highway 5 again
7. Steady employment
8. Golden, red and orange leaves that rustle in the breeze
9. Pink, purple and crimson clouds
10. Friends

Golden Horn reflects in upper Ice Lake

11. Crystal clear reflections on high altitude lakes
12. West Elk raspberries and Weminuche strawberries
13. Bugling elk, chirping marmots, screeching raptors, sheep banging heads, trickling tiny waterfalls, clucking ptarmigans
14. Camera batteries that don't die during once-in-a-lifetime shots
15. Coyotes that play with their food


16. Pink noses on white martens
17. 212,824 miles and still purring (NOW: 303,555)
18. Shoes and socks that don't wear blisters
19. Ibuprofen when they do
20. Sunbathing fluorescent lizards that skedaddle across red rock on their hind legs when startled

collared lizard in Rattlesnake Canyon, Colorado

21. Gaining Payne and No Payne in a day
22. Having access to 60 flights of stairs to climb at will
23. The chilling grip of the river around my ankles as soft, squishy algae and mud seep between my toes
24. Lilac along the South Platte bike path, fresh rain on mesquite, the rush of steam from a Thermos of chai or cinnamon tea atop a winter summit, and the skunk that didn't bust me when I inadvertently trespassed
25. Weekends

Barbed Ice


  1. A ton indeed to be thankful for at your feed. As long as those coyotes don't play with you as food, all is good lol

    1. The coyotes have never been interested in me, Pat, although they do take a liking to french fries...

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! Great list.

    1. Thank you, Charlotte! Merry Christmas to you!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours sweet friend

    1. Thank you, Stitchy, and a very merry Christmas to you and yours! Hope you are enjoying your break!

  4. I especially like #s 4, 10, and 14!

    I am thankful for you. :)

    1. Thank you, Sue! You know you are one of the friends I am very thankful for. Sounds like you've experienced dead camera batteries at the most inopportune time, too... SO sad!!!


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