07 November 2013

I Saw Red

Angry Sky

Iceland Poppy

My Sumac

My Japanese Maple

My Unidentified Bush

My Maple and Poplar

Tomatoes for Dyeing, then for Sauce

Yarn Spaghetti

Mint Leaf Juicing

Frozen Mint Leaf Extract

Maple Leaf Juicing

Maple Leaf Juice

Maple Leaf Dye Pot and Red Onion Dye Pot

red onion with sumac


avocado pits

My Red Tree Leaves

My Sumac Leaves

My Unidentified Leaves

En Route to the Train

color palette

Stand Out

red hot

autumn frost

first of the season

Primary Colors

Maple Sunset

Fire in the Sky


  1. Red is my favorite color, so I thoroughly enjoyed this post. At first glance I thought that you had a photo of spaghetti in a very thin sauce made from the tomatoes in the picture above! I was thinking, she likes her sauce way thinner than I do! Duh! I am fascinated that you dye your own yarn. I know that the Native Americans in the southwest made lovely dyes from all kinds of plants and other things! Have a good weekend!

  2. Did you go olay? Kick up some dirt and run reds way? haha great shots

  3. Yowza, Deb, what a knockout post! Too many great photos to pick a favourite. And those red dyes are looking really good ... are they staying fast? I hope we'll get to hear about how you mordanted them and what the results were. :)

  4. My goodness, you sure did see red! That opening sunrise is jaw dropping!!!


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