12 November 2013

A Little Hibiscus


...goes a long, long way!

The last two years, I got no more than three hibiscus from the plant that came with our house.

This year, it gave me 40 flowers!


Didn't know we had hibiscus until they popped up and through some lattice boards!


hibiscus juice

dahlia, dahlia, hibiscus, mint

tea petals

a touch of hibiscus

Digital Hibiscus Snowflake

Crocheted Hibiscus Snowflake


  1. Wow, decided to save all of its sprouting power for one year I guess haha

  2. Love the kaleidoscope picture!

  3. Wow those flowers are beautiful. Thye sure made some beautiful yarn and snowflakes.

  4. Such pretty blossoms, and that's some mighty nice yarn too! We had hibiscus in our back yard in SoCal when I was growing up.

    Hibiscus tea is the most amazing colour, isn't it?

  5. The hibiscus is beautiful! What a breath of spring/summer on this chilly evening!


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