05 November 2013

The Wave of Inspiration


I'd set calendar reminders through the winter for the monthly drawing for The Wave. But I don't have to apply now. We were drawn last month! Now we just have to wait patiently, if that's at all possible, for our magic day. I'm still doing my happy dance!

The Wave

The Lizard captured by The Wave

Valentine Wave

Cinnamon Bear and The Wave II Snowflake

Digital Quilt of a Sunrise and The Wave

Pink Wave

Our 2013 Calendar

magical color

petrified dunes

My Better Half


  1. Great shots and fun distortions, but none of you doing the happy dance? lol

  2. I always love visiting you, Snowcatcher! You are so creative and your work is positively beautiful!

  3. What lovely expressions of love and life!

  4. You are SO lucky! We'll keep applying, and maybe we'll get your luck soon!

    I love the photos and the "special effects"!

  5. God must have had some fun creating this little bit of Earth! It's amazing, and so are your photos.

    Love your new header by the way! :)


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