07 May 2019



the new subdivision

newly installed

Ready for Tenants

Nowhere near big enough, but thank you anyway.

Oh, look! New homes!

Too big.

No, thank you. I prefer ground level.

No, thank you. I prefer trees.

No, thank you. I'll build my own.

Oh, look, new homes!

I think she'll like the older model best.

You've got to be kidding.

I don't think so.

Insert your own dialogue.

And furthermore...

The last word.

Okay, that's settled.

Oh, look! New homes!

Honey, you've gotta see these!

What about this green one? Don't you just love the color?

Look! It's even got a pool!

Mmm! Tasty, too...

I had something bigger in mind. You're not the one who has to stay inside with the kids all day...

What about this one?!

Don't you just love the neighborhood?

It's kind of small, don't you think?

I think we'd be happy in this one...

I like the old home best. It's got SO much more room.

But, Honey, have you looked at the roof?

I like this one.

Whatever you say, Sweetheart.

Would you just make up your minds already? I'm hungry!


  1. haha sure captured home buying. Some look picky as can be, but not that kitty. Maybe only one thing on its mind, if it is truly watching the birds.

    1. Yes, Pat, the cat was eyeing those birds. Lizard built a shield beneath the birdhouses to protect the inhabitants, but the kitty nevertheless did frighten away any potential tenants. Maybe next year...

  2. hahaha best post all day today! I loved the end

    1. Thank you, Texas! I really love our birds! They are so fun to watch!

  3. Beautiful photographs. I must add some bird houses in the orchard. :-) Have a nice day! Regula

    1. Thank you, Regula! I know you would enjoy the birds, too!


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