30 May 2019

All Hail Spring!

Winter's final blast leveled a lot of what was in my garden. Thankfully, most of the horizontal flowers and tomato plants were standing straight or at least crooked again within a couple of days.

And then came the hail...

We didn't have it as bad as the people east of us. We had pea-sized hail. Out east, they had tennis ball-sized hail. If the tiny hail tore up my irises and poppies, just imagine what that giant-sized hail must have done!

The moisture was fabulous. Last I heard, our mountains are above-average snowfall now for the year, first time in... who knows how long?

The storm made kids throughout the neighborhood happy.

Even though it shredded poppies.

Little birds hid.

Lupine filled its cups for dryer times.

The snow the week before had flattened most of the lupine.

When some of the stalks didn't lift up off the ground after a few days, I rescued them by clipping them and sticking them in vases in my kitchen. There are no words for how pleasant making dinner or doing dishes can be when you have lupine watching you so intently!

And of course, there are no words for the joy of the first rainbow of the season...

Especially when waiting for a commuter train gives you time to play with beta phone filters...


  1. She's sure enjoying the wet. Glad we never got such hail here. Even bigger would be far worse, some cracked windshields can even come into play. Stick with the rainbow at our bay.

    1. Yes, there were car dents and broken windows out east, Pat. So glad ours wasn’t so devastating.

  2. Poor poppies and other shredded flowers! It's good to know though that the mountains are ahead on snowfall.

    1. Yes! We can’t wait to see this year’s wildflowers!!!


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