21 May 2019

Watering Season

Every year, perennials try to coax me into planting early. Every single year.

I was a very good girl this year. They say we shouldn't plant until after Mother's Day. I always cheat. And I always lose precious blooms in a late hard freeze. Every year.

This year I was patient. I waited. Now it's time to make sure I get up in time in the mornings to water before I have to leave for work. Unless we start getting some rain...

Or, well, I guess more snow. It's moisture, right???

The potted tomatoes and dahlias got to come inside for the storm. We'll see how the raised bed gardens handle one more blast.

I love snow. Really. I do. Almost as much as I love my garden...

1 comment :

  1. I never would have guessed you love snow haha figures the year you didn't cheat it would snow late, but then it won't stick around so moisture it is, mostly.


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