31 May 2019

The Birthday Adventures of Snowbow

April showers
Brought May flowers,
And Snowbow nearly missed
A birthday girl he would have kissed!

Here we go again!
Spring will be back I don’t know when!
Cold or not, tulips can be
A great way to wish you a happy birthday!

No cats or dogs yet in view,
But Snowbow wouldn't mind having a few.
Birds of a feather for now must do,
But they always inspire a smile or two!

Freedom is but inches away;
Happiness will be yours one day!
Hold on tight, believe and trust;
Rainbows will be followed by gold dust!

Snowbow's admiring flowers all around
As warmer temperatures begin to abound;
Bees and butterflies soon will hover
And sip away at this ground cover!

Is it time? Is it time?
Can the bike bell finally chime?
A long winter it's certainly been;
Snowbow's anxious to ride again!

More and more flowers are opening bright,
Basking in the warm sunlight!
Might be time for a bouquet or two;
Hope you find many within view!

The garden, the hook,
Or the sewing nook?
What adventure shall Snowbow seek?
Why can't there be more days in each week?!?

A fire pit might be the perfect way
To celebrate a special day,
But warmth it also will make,
With a cozy seat for birthday cake!

Flowers, flowers everywhere,
So many blooms, Snowbow has to share!
Here's a bud he picked for you,
Hoping you will like it, too!

What's a birthday when the horizon holds
Wedding bells and so many invitation folds?!?
Counting down the minutes now,
But soon it will be time to take a bow!

Being in a world far away
With your best friend is a special way
To celebrate your birthday,
Perhaps even with a cake gourmet!

Flowers here, flowers there,
Flowers are showing up everywhere!
Pick a few, smell a few,
But only if a sneeze does not come due!

Summer's finally on the way!
Wish it were here to stay!
Go enjoy the sun and shore;
Make every day worth an encore!


  1. haha sure a fun rhyming flow. Not sure you want to get too close to any cats and dogs though, may be seen as a toy.

    1. Ha ha! I don’t doubt that at all, Pat! Snowbow would be Snowchow!!!

  2. That cake and cake plate are adorable, especially topped with bear!

    I too could use a few more days in the week....

    1. Thank you, Sue! You and me, both! But then we’d only complain because the weeks are too long... snicker, snicker!


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