29 December 2022

Topper Stopper

The second-to-last table topper was finished Friday after I got off work. I fussy cut six swirly feathers for the insets because I'd cut designs from coordinating fabric for a couple of the previous table toppers. I don't have a Cricut or other cutter, so I have to cut the old fashioned way. Scissors in hand.

In retrospect, I wish I had cut diamonds as I did for the final table topper and a couple of the previous finishes. However, my peacock-themed table topper did not turn out bad, in my opinion. It could have been better. But it's good enough for now.

I wanted to finish the final table topper last Saturday, but I ended up re-organizing my scrap boxes instead. Two had completely overflowed. I actually decided to take on this project because I had gone through the purple scraps in search of something to appliqué onto the above table topper. The purple was one of the boxes that had become too full. And I didn't find anything in the box that might have been six harmonious appliqués.

I also wanted to include the stack of scrappy leftovers I'd built before I began organizing my clippings by color. While looking for something to put on the above table topper, I came across these old, very old scraps, and I wish I'd found the leaves from Leaf Me Alone when I was doing the autumn table toppers. These would have been perfect for the inset appliqué! Guess I'll just have to make another autumn table topper one day...

I also got all my selvedges attached to the crochet/knit selvedge ball that is becoming quite large and heavy. I wonder if it is big enough now to perhaps attempt a crocheted cat cave. I don't have a cat, but we keep talking about adopting, even though we are a bit worried a new little four-footer might get tangled beneath Lizard's feet.

I wanted to finish the final table topper on Monday because I had the day off. I thought that might also be a very good time to get as much done on a WIP before the end of the quarter this weekend. My goal for the quarter was six finishes, two per month, but I knew I might only be able to finish three, or one per month. Or, more likely, one in November (because it was a birthday present), and two in December (because they would be Christmas presents). To date, I've finished the November birthday present and one of the December Christmas presents. The second is being pushed to Mother's Day or next November's birthday. I just didn't have enough time. As usual.

I can't believe I forgot to take a photo of the pin quilt with the dowel inserted. Thank heavens the recipient's wife (my mother-in-law) snapped one for us!

The final table topper didn't get finished until last night. Because I decided I needed to finish updating my snowflake pattern directory, which I had not touched since May of 2022. I manually write all the code for the web page myself. It takes hours. And hours. And hours. I've been designing and writing a pattern for a new snowflake almost every Monday since 2009, and the directory was sorely lacking updates. But, not anymore! It currently is 100% up to date!

Of course, I also took down the Christmas tree and put away all the snowflakes I'd hung upon it. That was no fast task.

Last night, I finally tackled the appliqués and binding on the final table topper. I really enjoy making table toppers because I can do something different every day, and still finish something because they don't take as long as quilts. But, they are not quite big enough to warm a body in cold weather, and we're currently in the middle of another winter storm (which I sincerely hope will dump a bunch of snowflakes I can photograph and then get behind again on editing!).

I also dug out all the batik fat quarter bundles I've bought over the years with which I planned to (someday) make a real temperature quilt. (I've done several digital temperature quilts now.) I have until Sunday to decide if another WIP may be added to my official list, and I can treat myself to plenty of warm fuzzy imaginary journeys through time with these luscious colors. (Except I think I'll ditch the yellows and see if I can find some pinks!)

Of course, I could do a crocheted temperature motif project with my hand-dyed thread... Hmmm... That wouldn't be an addition to my quilt WIP list! I may have to seriously think about this!!!

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  1. Great projects. I love the photo of the pin quilt and your father-in-law in the background. He must be very happy! All the best to you and your husband and your family. Happy New Year! xxx Regula

  2. Gorgeous Table topper! I bet it was fun going thru the scraps - all those memories
    THe Pin quilt is amazing!


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