27 December 2022

Gone with the Wind

Back in November, I estimated overnight sustained wind speed at 70 mph with 100 mph gusts. I had absolutely nothing to base my numbers on other than the winds I've experienced over the years, particularly December 2021's Marshal Fire. I lost shingles during that storm, and I was forced to replace my roof in 2022. But I still have a roof. Connected to a home. Our horrific winds just a couple of months ago brought back painful and depressing memories of last year's tragic fire and also took trampolines, tables, chairs, porch cushions, windows, fences and trash bins places they'd never been. A couple of days later, I learned our official sustained wind speed in our village was 69 mph and that 120 mph gusts had been clocked.

We'd been having some work done on the foundation of our home, and the tarps the company used to cover up the holes took a real beating. Neighbors a couple of doors down lost scores of shingles. Boy, does my heart go out to them! Another neighbor's soccer goal net blew more than three houses down. Otherwise I think we and our immediate neighborhood fared well. We'd battened down the hatches, so to speak.

A tree skeleton behind our house I've often used while photographing sunrises and sunsets, particularly when we can't go anywhere for more exquisite scenery, has now seen its better days. This tree has had quite the modeling workout the past three years! I am really going to miss this tree!!!

Most memorable, of course, was the rainbow that fell exactly in the right place in 2014.

That one shot provided me with literally hours and hours of Photoshop entertainment.

While looking for photos of THE tree, I found this totally forgotten shot, one of my first panoramic photographs. That little skeleton tree is on the far right.

There undoubtedly will be more silhouettes of the Leaning Tree of Snowcatcher until it finally hits the ground completely. It's just a little more difficult to shoot now through the chainlink fence...

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  1. We've had storms over the last years and the damage can still be seen. Not so much at the houses, but the forests. Lothar hit on Christmas 1996 and was terrible. We lost power, the shingles flew like poker cards and whole were cut to the ground. This years there was only strong wind one night before Christmas, but my green house took a toll. Again! It's all fixed again though.

    Spectacular sunsets and sunrises!



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