22 December 2022


I'm just a little bit ecstatic now I didn't sell more than one table topper during my first out-of-office (and possibly last) craft fair a couple of weeks ago. Because I'd had trouble with my domestic sewing machine and because I was running out of time, I didn't have time to finish all my table toppers, and I didn't have time to embellish the ones I did finish.

Last weekend, I had time. YAY!!!

I think the appliqués add SO much to the design, as well as sentimental value.

To me now, these are true keepsakes.

I'm not sure "cute" would be good SEO (search engine optimization) if I list any of these in my Etsy shop, but I sure think they are super cute now, especially the pink one.

I have so many more ideas I want to try for table toppers, but I have to finish two more existing table toppers and a few more WIPs first.

Table toppers give me good motivation to finish. They don't take near as long as bed-sized quilts! Or near as much batting!!!

Plus, when they don't sell, they make terrific last-minute Christmas gifts!!!

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