01 December 2022

With Honor

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I did this really stupid thing the week of Thanksgiving. I always forget something when we go on the road. Always. I forgot my helmet one year for Ride the Rockies. Had to buy a new one in the first town. Forgot my cycling shoes the following year and had to buy a new pair in the starting town. The first time we were able to visit my in-laws after March 2020, I forgot my computer mouse and had to buy a new one so I could work from away-from-home. It never fails. I always forget something.

For my mother-in-law's birthday, I forgot to take her birthday present I worked so hard to finish in time. Now I have a choice of mailing it, or giving it to her at Christmas along with the matching quilt I hope to have done by then. (I mailed it, and she should receive it today.)

I had ordered two fat quarters for her husband's Christmas present, a pin quilt he requested. The first fat quarter seemed too dark to me. The second one was pastel and just what I thought he wanted. He asked to see a photo of it during the Thanksgiving holiday, knowing it would spoil the "surprise" of the Christmas gift. Good thing I showed it; he decided he wants something completely different. Together, we designed it just the way he wants it. After I ordered the Spoonflower fat quarter, he asked if I could make one more change. I was just about ready to silently throw in the towel and try not let him see me roll my eyes, but all he wanted was a buttonhole beneath the insignia so he can attach a lapel medal he earned during his wartime service. Whew!

The pin quilt will be what he leaves to his remaining daughter and two grown grandsons. Although Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time of gathering, celebrating and enjoying, there were many memories shared by Lizard's parents and uncle, each of whom lost a loved one in the last year. The passing of Lizard's half-sister, aunt-in-law and uncle resulted in many conversations of what we leave behind when we, too, pass. Even though I am making this pin quilt for my father-in-law, it really is for those he will leave behind when he passes, hopefully not too soon.

The pin quilt will afford my father-in-law the opportunity to organize his war medals and patches in a way he can be proud of his accomplishments right now but also a way to pass them on in a way they might be appreciated and properly cared for. He seemed to really enjoy showing me many of the treasures which will be displayed on the finished pin quilt. I was hoping to have the pin quilt finished this week, but the new fat quarter has not arrived yet.

Now I just have to decide what to do with the first two fat quarters. I'm tempted to use them as pillow stuffing!!!

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  1. What a wonderful gift that is! So many people's memories and medals alike are lost, tossed or forgotten. His won't be. You've given a tremendous gift! I like the top quilt, too.


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