08 December 2022

Y, oh, Y

All 78 Y-seams are done, and all 11 table toppers are quilted. But only two are ready for my first outside-the-office craft fair in what feels now like a thousand years tonight.

The Y-seams and fun backing designs for three of the table toppers kept me too busy to be nervous about tonight.

I even tried fancy stitching for the quilting on one of the autumn table toppers. It took too long and used up too much thread, so the rest are all stitch-in-the-ditch.

I thought the binding would go quickly. I even have all the binding cut and ready to sew! But my sixish-year-old $200 domestic machine is screaming that it doesn't like to puncture so many layers on the corners. It's making real rat nests on every single corner. I spent about three hours yesterday picking out the mess, then redoing the corners by hand.

I changed to a denim needle, and I slowed way down and even tried rotating the wheel by hand instead of using the foot pedal on the corners. At first, I thought perhaps the machine's timing is off. When I began tacking down the corners by hand, I realized the thickness is almost like denim.

I've used this machine to patch denim, to redo jeans seams and even to turn an old, ragged quilt into a jacket. It worked fine until now.

So maybe it is old. Maybe it does need to be serviced. Perhaps it would be worth having it serviced; I'm sure the $200 domestic sewing machines of 2015 are much more expensive now!

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1 comment :

  1. So sorry about the machine woes!!
    but those Table Toppers are GORGEOUS!!!!


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