15 December 2022

FIL Christmas Gift

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The pin quilt my father-in-law helped me design is done!

My little domestic sewing machine had to be adjusted; the timing was off, and it was making rat nests on the bottom of any thick seam. Now that it's working again, I was able to polish off my latest Spoonflower panel.

My father-in-law requested a string on each corner hang his pin quilt. I couldn't visualize what he wanted until I did a Google search. Oh, duh! He wants a dowel with a string on both ends.

I made a 22-inch chain using five of my crochet thread colors. We will have to buy and then cut a dowel this weekend; the only apparatus even close to a dowel at my house are knitting needles, and I'm not willing to give up any of them.

The buttonhole was a bear; I guess I haven't made a buttonhole since my 1982 Viking Husqvarna bit the dust. The manual for the Brother Project Runway said to dial (with a rotary dial) in the buttonhole setting, and this machine has no such dial. Easy fix; just punch in the desired numbers. But the rest of the instructions were equally as archaic, and it took me a while to translate them. I finally was able to watch a Brother video on YouTube to figure out how to make the buttonhole my father-in-law requested, and now I know how to work the buttonholer.

I thought the backing fabric I picked from my stash would be cute for the tabs on top, but once I finished, I didn't like them at all. So I did a rather unorthodox fix. I taped both sides of the pin quilt and spray pained the tabs. It's not perfect, but it looks better, in my opinion.

I don't know if I will be able to finish my mother-in-law's quilt from the fabric I bought to teach her how to quilt last year (she decided she doesn't want to learn to quilt) in time for Christmas, so it may have to be a Mother's Day gift. She asked for one of my calendars in a custom size, and that's done, so she won't be giftless. And I think I can finally take a deep breath and slow down a bit now!

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  1. Enjoy the slowdown ;-)
    That pin quilt is quite amazing!!! and it will be loved....


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