06 October 2022

Cool WIPs

I secretly wanted this quarter's WIP challenge list to be single digits. I'm so bummed I finished only two projects during the summer quarter. Yet, I'm happy to have made progress, even though not as much as I planned.

My September finish came in at 8:43 p.m. on the 30th, end of the final day of the quarter once again. (Yes, I was queen of the last minute AGAIN.) I'd taken a week of vacation and was without my computer and my sewing machine. But my vacation evenings were spent making one of my favorite pairs of jeans wearable once again. I crossed another WIP off my list, and I got to wear those beloved soft and faded jeans again for the first time in years on October 1, the final day of vacation (and first day of the new quarter)!

We still get to dress fairly casual at work most of the time, so I even wore my repaired jeans to work this week.

My co-workers got a kick out of my hexie patches. I told them I eventually will have to add more because there are many places where the denim is wearing really thin. They thought I should add some hearts and stars too...

Even though I got rid of two WIPs on the long-existing list, I had to add three Christmas presents that have been requested by my in-laws. Two steps forward, three steps back. On the bright side, I guess I truly will finish three WIPs this quarter. But secretly, that means my finishing goal is six projects. Gotta get down into single digits!!!

My mother-in-law decided she doesn't want to make a quilt from the kit I made for her last year, and she asked for a second table topper, this one smaller, from the same fabric line for a serving table in her dining room. My father-in-law asked if I could make a pin quilt for him for his medals, and he asked for a flag image in the center and his medic patch somewhere in the design. (My mother-in-law's pin quilt I made years ago has a southwest mission photo from an early 14er climbing trip during Lizard's and my climbing days.) I've been trying to come up with a new pin quilt design I can have printed at Spoonflower.

a little too blah

Here is my WIP list for the Ravelry Autumn Quarter:

1. Hawaiian Punch

2. Tickled Pink, the Sequel

3. Goodbye Hollyhock Road

4. Snowflake Strip Bar

5. Green Floral Batik Postage Stamps

6. Giant Dahlia

7. Showcase

8. Moda Blockheads

9. Tiny Triangle Leftovers

10. Scrappy I Spy Neighborhood

11. Take Me to the Other Side

12. FIL Pin Quilt

13. MIL Mini Table Topper

14. MIL Quilt

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  1. There are so many lovely things to do. I may feel more up to it when I return from my holidays in Ireland. I hope for inspiration and energy. Have a nice week! Regula

  2. Two is way better than none - and those pants!! I love them!!!

  3. The pants are so cute, and stretch the dollars! I loved the pictures of your wonderful quilts to finish.


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