29 September 2022

Scratchie Patchy

I was hoping to have "Take Me to the Other Side" finished by the end of August, then September. Now, perhaps by the end of October... In the meantime, I am making progress, and I'm happy with the way it's turning out.

While I was digging through my stack of WIPs to see what I might be able to finish next, I discovered Lizard's May birthday present... unfinished. I'd hid the bandanas I'd cut out beneath my WIP pile so he wouldn't see them before his birthday. I'm so embarrassed then I mforgot about them. Even more embarrassing, I recently bought another yard of the very same lizard fabric when I discovered only one yard remained at a favorite quilt shop. I'd forgotten previously purchasing it as a birthday present and cutting out the bandana.

One can never have too much lizard fabric, though, right? Lizard now has three brand new bandanas. He used to wear bandanas beneath his cycling helmet to prevent sunburn through helmet vents. He'd also occassionally worn them when we hiked in the wilderness, too, probably because he didn't have as many Triple Bypass, Ride the Rockies and MS-150 baseball caps back then. Now he isn't able to ride or hike as much, so his bandana collection hasn't see the light of day much in the last three or so years. I was tickled lizard when Lizard opted to wear one of the new bandanas instead of a baseball hat during a walk this week!

Last November, I attempted to sashiko my way into finishing a long-standing quilt WIP by using some of my hand-stitched hexagons, along with batting and a second layer of denim, to patch a favorite pair of air-conditioned jeans. Punching a big needle and coordinating crochet thread through two layers of denim proved too formidable for my mettle. I machine zigzagged the patch into place and gave up because even that was more challenging than I had time and patience to squander.

After nearly a year of vacation from the project, I needed a hand-stitch project for a week away from my computer and sewing machine, and that favorite old pair of jeans was calling out to me. Hand-stitching the layers with a regular needle and jean-strength thread was relaxing and fast. Until I accidentally dragged the exposed section of my shorts-decked calf across the pinned patch. My leg looks as if I was attacked by a six-toed cat! But I'm not going to share photos of that.

Rest assured my wounded but now adequately scabbed leg will be adquately covered following the completion of just three more patches! This is one WIP I think I actually can finish by the end of September!

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  1. LOVE the bandanas!! they look so good!
    and I have *never* bought fabric I already have.... hahahaha!!! Just kidding.... but you really really needed it!!!!


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