06 September 2022

Pineapple Expectations

Back in September of 2015, one of my bosses gifted me a pineapple crown fresh from Hawaii. (She brought back a bunch of whole pineapples, which she graciously shared at the office, and I discovered fresh pineapples are SO much tastier than canned or what we can occassionally buy in the store.) I researched how to root the crown and was delighted when it began sprouting just a few days later, especially since the articles I read then said it could take months.

I transplanted the crown as soon as the roots grew long enough. My little crown quickly grew and needed a gigantic pot within a year or so. I've kept it in the sun in my living room ever since because I didn't think it could survive our extremes on either end of the mercury.

Earlier this summer, I decided to put the pineapple outside because it still hadn't bloomed six or seven years later andf because I've been trying to clear living room floor space so Lizard has clear walking space when his legs are severely restless. I had kind of given up on the pineapple. I'd researched once again and learned not only does the plant make just one pineapple before it gives up the ghost, but it typically makes the fruit in two to four years. In my mind, it had passed its prime and outlived its usefulness. It was a fun project, and I loved watching it grow. But it just takes up too darned much space.

my pineapple plant back in 2018, when it should have bloomed

We've had an abnormally hot summer. Trending hotter each year. I expected the pineapple plant would fry in the heat, as did my raspberry bush and my blueberry bush. It did change color, probably due to the heat. But my goodness, look what's finally happening!!!


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