01 September 2022

Matthew's Quilt

I was looking through the basement for a box that would fit Matthew's quilt so I could mail it to him after I finished it very late Wednesday night. Matthew's been patiently waiting for this quilt since about 2015.

When I found just the right box, the box itself fit perfectly into my 2022 goal of getting rid of stuff in the basement that has never been unpacked in all the years we've lived in our home. On the top of this box were folders of tax records dating back to the turn of the century. I think you only have to keep your tax records for seven years! Mama's gonna have a fire pit tonight!

Beneath all those copies of tax returns were some real gems, many of which brought tears to my eyes. Tears of joy, tears of grief, tears of unbelief, tears of memories...

Tons of cards and letters... co-workers congratulating me on being drawn for my first Ride the Rockies in 2003, weekly letters from my adopted daughter while she was in rehab, a thank you note from a total stranger I'd taken home when she was stranded at the salon where I was having my hair cut, wedding announcements from dear friends who have kids graduating from high school now, a handwritten letter from my maternal grandmother, who died in 1998...

So, there is a bit of dried salt water on Matthew's quilt as I ship it off. Do you suppose he'll notice??? :)

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  1. What a tresure! All the best. Regula

  2. Oh it is a beautiful quilt, and a little salt water will just add to the love. Glad he is getting it!


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