01 September 2009

My First Ride the Rockies

15 June 2003
Day 1
Cortez to Telluride
80 miles

I left Cortez en route to Lizard Head Pass this morning beneath the light of the predawn full moon. Today's ride was the most difficult climb I've done to date. Sixty-two miles of sustained climb, according to the Denver Post.

Even though Day One was hard, it was gorgeous. The perfect opening day ride: it set the pace and the mood, and the weather and wildflowers were simply phenomenal!!! (the picture I've linked here is Lizard Head in autumn, not summer)

The pre-ride clinics had informed us today's ride had no payoffs, but I thought the short descent rocked. I had to brake to keep from speeding in a 35mph zone.

I'd never been to Lizard Head Pass or Telluride before, so I didn't know for sure which peaks were which. Had to shoot them all just to make sure I got the 14ers. I figured out pretty easily which mountain was Lizard Head, but I'm still not quite sure how it got that name. To me, it looks more like the Boy Scout sign. Guess a mountain by the name of Boy Scout Pledge wouldn't be a popular tourist destination, would it?

Monday's Ride

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