22 September 2022

Pending Mending

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I was hoping to finish Take Me to the Other Side by the end of August. Now I'm not even sure I can finish it by the end of September. Nevertheless, I'm having fun re-learning all the precision piecing lessons Moda Blockheads taught me. I think I'm going to add another couple of rows of on-point blocks, one on the top and one between my Spoonflower panel and the completed blocks to make the finished quilt a bit bigger. And I'm trying to figure out what to do for the quilt back. I'd like to make more sampler-type blocks, but I'm torn between time constraints and the desire to really make this project sing...

One of the many time constraints is the slowly shrinking mending pile. I think I'm two-thirds through my mending! If I can keep up my current pace, I won't have a mending pile by the end of the year! Happy day!!!

Back in 2018, I bought a package of long-sleeved tees to dye. I hadn't been able to find turtlenecks in the colors I needed to coordinate with my wardrobe, so I decided to create my own. The cheap tees, however, didn't make it through the first wash before seams began deteriorating. Initially, I thought perhaps the dye might have chewed up the thread. But upon closer inspection, the third, still undyed, shirt was coming apart at the seams, too.

These tees have been on my mending pile since December 2018. Now, I'll finally get to wear them this winter!

I dyed some krinkly yarn to match the purple shirt but never even wound it into a ball after I discovered the shoddy workmanship of the long-sleeved tees. In 2020, I attempted to dye a skirt that would match the then still-unmended purple tee. I might finally get to wear this ensemble this winter!!!

Back in 2020, Lizard was forced to convert from button-fly Levis to elastic and tie wastebands because he no longer has the finger dexterity for buttons, some snaps and zippers. I found out really quick I needed to sew ties to the back of the waistbands to prevent the ties from finding their way out of their casings in the washing machine. That was a quick mending fix back then, but I'd forgotten Lizard had one brand new pair of drawstring flannel pants with a broken tie until I found the project in the mending pile last weekend.

I did everything I could to dig out the broken tie end so I could make it longer and even ended up cutting a couple of holes into the casing to try to access that broken tie end. In the end, I wound up removing the tie altogether and sewing a new elastic waistband onto the inside of the casing. This fix won't win any sewing awards, but the pants are wearable again, and cooler flannel weather MIGHT be just around the corner... Hopefully!

Next came one of my favorite pairs of cargo shorts. This one had been on the mending pile so long, I actually forgot I owned them.

I found a fabric scrap that is close to the same color as the shorts. I had no luck trying to pin the patch in place, so I ended up smoothly attaching it with masking tape, and it worked just fine!

Another pair of shorts had more recently made its way into the pile, and it wasn't the first time. I made these shorts from batik scraps from my leftovers back and 2018 and literally have worn them out more than once now! The lavender batik in particular is just really flimsy. I extended its life just a bit with more batik scraps.

One more pair of holy cargo shorts awaited. Another favorite pair for travels because of big, roomy pockets. The masking tape method had worked so well on the first pair of cargo shorts, I decided to use the technique once again. I pulled some fun autumn scraps from my leftover scraps, and after just a few minutes, I was yet another pair of shorts richer!

I wanted to finish a new quilt for this month's Project Linus, but there just wasn't enough time. So I donated a quilt I thought I'd never give away. Scrap Gobbler was really difficult to part with, but some little kid somewhere now has really beautiful warmth, and that makes me feel warm, fuzzy and all kinds of happy inside. This gives me a great excuse to make a Scrap Gobbler sequel one day soon, which will use up lots of scraps, which is always a bonus!

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  1. Wow, I love to see your dyeing projects and your mending. I thought maybe I was the only one who mended anymore. Then I met a friend who introduced me to a book called Make + Mend by Jessica Marquez. sashiko-inspired embroidery projects to customize and repair textiles...... It's a very interesting book, lots of fun ideas and techniques. The only thing I refuse to mend in DH's white socks. It's a standing joke in our house, to "get the lightbulb out" I've got a hole in my sock!!! Nope Nope, no sock darning. I used to though!!
    I'll be watching to see it another Scrap Gobbler appears.

    1. Thank you, GrammaJudyB! I intended to use sashiko to mend a pair of jeans, but I'm going to have to get another needle to pull the crochet thread through the denim. Just don't have the strength to push an embroidery needle through denim anymore!

      PS: I think my next scrap gobbler might be purple... :)

  2. I got my mending completed earlier this year --- nothing as great as yours - but they are done! You are really getting items completed..... love the idea of the Scrap Gobbler. Good for you!

    1. Thank you, Patty! You are such an inspiration to me! I love how you just keep right on pushing, no matter what! Wish I had a fraction of your energy and drive!

  3. Oh that panel!!!! The block you are making to go with it make those colors just pop!!! this is going to be gorgeous!!
    and your scrap gobbler - what love that little one will feel!! * mending.... blech* haha!!!

    1. Ha ha! Alycia, I think that's the way I used to feel about mending. It's not so bad once I dig into it. Well, most projects, anyway. I hope I have the time and energy to make a fancy back for Take Me to the Other Side. I certainly have enough of those great colors with which to work!


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