13 October 2022

Time for Me to Tile

I couldn't even begin to tell you how long I've been saving (and cleaning) glass jars and bottles to make into fun vases. I've had a couple of days during the past two years when I was able to craft a few vases I was able to fill with flowers from my garden and leave on the doorsteps of my neighbors.

I recently had a chance to whip up a few more vases. This is another of those crafts, like beading, weaving and decoupage, I could so easily become addicted to if I had more time!

I enjoy coming up with designs and then trying to make them work on the glass I have.

The glow stones are SO much fun!!!

I wish I had more tiles in rainbow colors; I'd definitely make more rainbow-themed vases. The glow stones are fun, but I can't really create patchwork-type designs with them.

I finally had a chance to put ribbons on every single vase. Not as fun as the mosaic process, but it does add to the aesthetic value, in my opinion.

Next comes deciding what to do with all these jars.

Meanwhile, I keep using up more of the empty jars in my collection. And playing with glow stones!

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