17 November 2022

Deadline Relief

My mother-in-law's birthday is this week, and her gift is done! Her favorite color is teal, so I made this table topper reversible.

I'd been stressed out because I haven't met my quilting goals in three or four months now. Hopefully that trend can now change.

The Spoonflower fat quarter I designed for my father-in-law's Christmas present arrived, but I'm not so sure I like it. (He specifically asked for pastel, and this came out far darker than I intended.) Spoonflower's fat quarters are still half price through the end of the day today, so I might try one more time. But at least I have this panel, just in case, and the actual pin quilt shouldn't take much more than a couple of hours either way.

Meanwhile, I finished a few more table topper stars, and a couple of them even have those awesome perfect points!

All of these are made from scraps and stash. I've not yet bought any new fabric at all for my table toppers. In addition, I bought the pattern in a Shabby Fabrics kit, a table topper which was for my mother-in-law for Mother's Day earlier this year and my first kit ever. I did not buy the "required" Creative Grids 60-degree Diamond Ruler because I didn't want to spend that amount on a template I wasn't sure I'd ever use again. Little did I know this table topper would become a favorite pattern for using up skinny scraps!!! In retrospect, I wish I had bought the 60-degree ruler, but I'm also pretty darned proud I cut my own from scrap paper and that it has got me through 14 star table toppers in two different sizes so far.

I still have one more rainbow star I'd like to make, but I decided I have enough for right now, especially with a holiday coming on and the craft fair I'm planning to try to sell these in the following week. The next step is choosing stash fabric and/or leftovers for the insets...

And ooh, ooh, ooh! MORE PERFECT POINTS!!!

Looking good!!!

I plan to finish all the insets before we join my mother-in-law for Thanksgiving (and to present the then belated birthday present because I want to do it in person rather than mail it), and the plan right now is to do appliqué work by hand while we visit. Or fabric pen artwork... I think the Moda Grunge metallic Seeing Stars table topper might get hand-drawn metallic gold stars instead of appliqué. And that got me thinking some of the other table toppers might look better with hand-drawn motifs instead of appliqué... I got into my craft storage bins and discovered an entire set of fabric markers, so they may get a Thanksgiving road trip, too.

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  1. You are rocking the stars!!!! All the colors are so much fun!!!

    1. Thank you, Alycia! They really have been fun!

  2. Your stars are really beautiful. You SHOULD be proud for getting such great stars without the ruler.

    1. Thank you, Sandy! I'm getting pretty brave now about cutting my own templates, thanks to this project!


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