24 November 2022

Best Of

Every once in a while, I have to go back through my 13 years of blogging to find the history of a quilt I made or the inspiration for a snowflake I designed or when I bought a new camera or achieved a bicycle goal. Almost every time I go back in time, I find memories I'd totally forgotten. I keep a journal, too, but my blog is where I typically come when I'm trying to remember something.

I began compiling this list early in 2022 because I'd been really struggling the last couple of years to keep the blog going. (Obviously, that was before I actually lost my blog for six weeks during the summer!!!) Lack of time and lack of new photos sometimes make me feel Snowcatcher is not a place I need to spend so much of my limited free time. Going back and reading special posts like these make me so thankful I haven't given up yet. I only hope I can still find something meaningful to write about now and then so this blog continues to have its magical moments.

Here are some of the posts for which I am most grateful.

15 Quilts for Christmas

Unspent Dreams


The Dark Side

A Little Late for Halloween

Ownership (with GREAT reader comments!!!)

Earned Jerseys

Hawaiian Dreams (three parter, but only one is linked here)


Unwired (and that iPhone 5 totally died without warning right before 2020, I guess providing warning of what was to come...)

The Day I Lost...

No Respect

Tour de Lavender


How can I write anything about gratitude without including a favorite photo or two? I am so grateful for the world we live in, for the ability to capture the finest things in life and the yearning to share the images. Thank you, God, for giving me eyes, talent, great cameras, a magnificent place to live and awesome technology!

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