22 November 2022


I set my alarm to go off four times during the night so I could shoot the lunar eclipse. I had to go into the office the morning after, so I couldn't stay up all night. How on earth did I shoot all night then go to work the next morning just three years ago???

I shot the misty full moon before I went to bed.

As expected, the first first time my alarm went off, the moon was clouded over with a misty layer. I got a moon sliver, but no color because of the clouds.

The second time my alarm went off, a moon shot wasn't possible. The moon was completely clouded over at totality. I couldn't even tell where in the sky the moon was because the clouds were so thick.

My third attempt was fab! I had to get out my (old) tripod to capture the moon's color, but it was so worth it, even though the camera I was using does not securely sit on my old tripod. (My newer tripod that fits this camera was in trunk of my car, and I was too tired and too cold to retrieve it. How did I ever shoot astral photos at altitude in winter?!?)

I dreamed I went out after the fourth alarm, and the moon was totally covered again. So a guy down the block was projecting a live telescope feed on the clouds. I guess Batman signals are real in dreams!

Everyone in the neighborhood had gathered out on the street to watch, but the power went out, and the projection disappeared. I kept trying to point out to my neighbors where to watch, but nothing happened. Finally, the moon broke through the clouds, and it was blood red. I ran back inside the house to wake Lizard, and my alarm in real life went off. It was time to get up and go to work. Dream over.

I checked on the moon anyway, which would have been obscured by just a sliver of the Earth's shadow and nearly full again, but that portion of the moon was completely clouded over. However, the glow of the moon and the twilight of the sun approaching the horizon let off a nice glow, so I snapped one more shot. Instead of getting ready to work, I created a montage of my four shots, and I wasn't too disappointed. They turned out nice. Plus, I still got to work on time. I did take a nice nap when I got home from the office, however! Man, how did I ever shoot the Perseids all night long in the middle of the work week just four years ago?!?

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