31 January 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Paintbrush on Atkinson Mesa, and yes, that's really the name!

Mormon Tea on the Kokopelli Trail

Puccoon in Rattlesnake Canyon

Prairie Snowball in Rattlesnake Canyon


Mariposa, Snow Canyon State Park

Kolob Canyon


  1. Awesome photos. I'm just, just ... wordless! :) Is the second photo a type of sage?

  2. Are these things blooming where you are, or have you been to a garden center?

    Either way, I'm jealous.

    Spring is coming!

  3. Thanks Marigold and Sue!

    I cheated. These are from last spring. And the spring before that. In the desert. Because we're getting more snow again tomorrow. And the next day.

    I'm ready for spring!

  4. Oh, I forgot to answer your question, Marigold. The second photo is Mormon Tea in bloom. I think all the the photos have descriptions in mouse-overs.

  5. Very bold flowers. I think my favorite is the first, because of the red color, and the second-to-last because of its shape.

  6. Lovely pictures!
    The light in the second-last is beautiful, makes it so magical...
    Have a great day!

  7. The first one won my heart with the red-orange brilliance!

  8. Thank you for these lovely flowers.

  9. You really got me yearning for springtime with that gorgeous series of photos!

  10. I am thinking the second from the bottom is a crocus and also that it is one of the coolest crocus photos of all time ;')


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