10 January 2012

auld lang syne

sunrise I shot for a secret art project I think never came to pass

2011 began with a sunrise shoot for a secret art project I think never came to fruition, but that's okay. Sunrises are worth waking up early.


2011 ended with a long day at work but another gorgeous sunrise I'm so glad I took the time to shoot.

me in Moab

2011 began with an unplanned 60-mile day on Martin Luther King, the first time I'd ever pedaled 60 miles in a day in the first month of the year, which resulted in a year-long goal of a 60-mile day every month. February squashed the 12-month goal, but March was kind, and the following seven months were accommodating. November's weather was frightful, but I nailed another 60 outside of Moab, igniting another long-lost goal in the process, which I haven't acted upon yet, but the idea is still percolating. December's weather was even more frightful, but I did it again, my first time ever pedaling 60 miles in a day the final month of the year.

a real broom wagon

The highlight of the year had to be pedaling up Cottonwood Pass to watch the Queen's Stage of the first USA Pro Cycling Challenge.

Tommy D and The Lizard

Also unforgettable was hitting my first million page views the day before I got to ride with Tommy D (Pro Tom Danielson) for 20 seconds in the Durango Fall Blaze.

Pastel Lollipop Snowflake

Later that month, I published a snowflake pattern that rocketed to my 5th most popular of all time in less than two months.

Fire and Ice

I designed 74 snowflakes between January 1 and December 30, so on December 31, I designed one more, just so I could say I designed 75 in a year. That means I was wise in turning down the January book offer from a publisher who wanted me to design 100 snowflakes in six months or less. And it means my patterns still belong to me. I like that concept.

We raised more than $5,000 for the Colorado-Wyoming Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society in just 10 months. I won't have to stand in line for the green rooms this year!!!

my bike

The Lizard twice repaired my seemingly terminal bicycle that's so old, finding parts is a chore. He says unless something else goes wrong, I could get another year or two out of it!

hoya heaven

The Lizard's hoya plant bloomed TWICE, the first time I'd ever seen flowers on it in seven years. I'm still watching it closely every day, hoping it will repeat the breathtaking show.

Blogging Buddies
and numerous others who don't have blogs

Best of all are the friendships forged right here in blogland. Friendships spanning the globe, covering all walks of life, bringing and spreading joy nearly every day of the week, all year long. Thank you!


  1. just when I thought I had convinced myself not to do a year in review post, you show me how cool one can be ;')

  2. Beautiful words and as usual stunning pictures :)
    I hope you had a happy holiday season.

  3. Wow! You did more in a year than many folks do in a lifetime. :) Thank you for including a humble goat amongst your friends. :)

  4. I am in awe. What an amazing post of the wonderful things you and the Lizard do. Thank God people like you are in the world! Your snowflakes, that's it ... I have to start making these. I would love to make them and present to my grandchildren some day. What a treasure this post is. As I said, I am awed. How kind to mention the blog. Blessings to you both.

  5. I carved out fifteen minutes just now- to quietly sit, sip a cup of tea, soak in the whisper of sun above the horizon and relax into the harmony of your words, your year-in-review. It's the best fifteen minutes I've had for days.

  6. I love that snowflake. It is just gorgeous. You have such talent!
    I was also thrilled to see the Hoya Plant. I had one once and did not know what it was. It actually did bloom quite often and I couldn't get over the surreal detail of the wax like flower. It was the definition of perfection. We moved and I can't remember who got my Hoya but now I want one again!

  7. Wonderful year, May 2012 be even better!
    Love you!

  8. What a lovely, lovely post - from the breathtaking sunrises to the exciting cycling shots, through snowflakes and fireworks, flowers and a blog quilt.

    Thanks so much for your friendship and all your cheerful words, Deb. The best of everything to you in 2012.

  9. You are an inspiration! Thanks to you for your friendship.

  10. You are such an inspiration, mondays are easier to handle with a beautiful snowflake at the start of it. You made me to learn and love to crochet and I can't wait to see the new one every week. And of course-the photographs. They take my breath away. That's what I thank you for. All the best in 2012.


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