31 January 2012

Project Blizzard

freed tweed

When life sends a blizzard, throw snowballs. Welcome to my second installment of Project Blizzard!

I spent part of January sans car while the arthritic 4Runner got new U-joints, and I spent part of January without my beloved Nikon so it could be dust-free and freshly calibrated to seek out The Wave in Utah next month. So my photo opps this month were more limited than they have been in ages. Which means I had to put out even more effort trying to find extraordinary reasons to smile via photographs. A goal, I might add, worth more than words can ever express.

Yes, 60 miles.  In a day.  In January!

Got my 60-mile day on January 2. All kinds of smiles! Every flavor imaginable!

fresh peppers in December

This photo was taken a couple of days before Christmas and shared in last month's Project Blizzard.

Eat me!

January 17

January harvest

January harvest. They don't reach 12 inches at this altitude, but still mighty tasty!




Whole wheat pasta, turkey burger, black beans, kidney beans, tomato sauce, chipotle powder, fresh home-grown basil, cilantro and oregano, purple onions and home-grown (in Colorado!) fresh New Mexico Big Jim peppers. Chili Mac Extraordinaire!

Grays Peak Snowflakes

This was shot with the dinosaur Fuji S5000 I have to use when my Nikon's in the shop. At the age of 9 years old, clicked more than 100,000 times and NEVER serviced, this little guy doesn't do half bad. Just doesn't have any focus control.

Grays Peak Snowflake

The little Fuji again. I was thankful I didn't miss the sunrise, even though I couldn't get the camera to duplicate what the Nikon can do.

Nikon Sunrise

The last dusting-required sunrise photo for what I hope will be a long, long time.

successful shaping

My fun distraction while the Nikon was being serviced. The shaping is coming out so cool!

my little bear

A fun distraction while car AND camera were elsewhere.

my snowy owl

Another fun distraction while car was in surgery.

my Lizard Head

Finished last night.

Heart Art

A fun distraction from white snowflakes.

Late January Christmas Cactus

Four of our 14 Christmas cacti are still blooming! My favorite is the hot pink one The Lizard bought for me, my first, while I was in the hospital after emergency back surgery in 2004.


Two weekends ago, I worked in the indoor garden, now consisting predominantly of plants I brought inside prior to our first freeze last August. Some of the plants knew it was winter, even though they enjoyed our indoor climate, and faded into the no-green/no-grow zone. I emptied the withered pots, potted fresh soil and planted marigolds and Icelandic poppies. The poppies are pleased!

cinnamon basil

Cinnamon basil was among indoor transplants who knew it was time to go to sleep. So I planted new. Seeds are sprouting!

ready for spring

The clove trees were dormant through most of November and December, but January's minuscule increase in daylight stimulated them back into new leaf production!

No more dust spots!!!

My camera's sensor is once again clean.


Best of all, the 2012 Ride the Rockies route will be announced in just five more days!


  1. Great reasons to smile! I loved the smiling ball of yarn. Brazilian kisses...

  2. She's back! In full shooting force! Hooray for you! I really like your opening quote and with the next blizzard we get, I'm going to shower the day with that quote and snowballs! What marvelous photos too, especially so many today remind me of a small yarn shop nestled in one of my favorite neighborhoods. She always has cute little distractions pulling you into her store!

  3. I am officially in love with that white bear on the snowflake! He is just TOO cute! What model is your Fuji? The Goatmother has a Fuji finepix s100fs and wishes she could find some information (other than the booklet that came with it) to help her use the camera better. Any ideas?

  4. love love LOVE the little owl...you won't by any chance be sharing your pattern for him any time? I am watching my sunset right now, but I can't take pictures of it here in the city- too many wires and light poles buildings and whatever else so I enjoy your all natural shots!

  5. Dear Snowcatcher,
    Thank you for the camera link. Unfortunately, this is the owner's manual that the Goatmother already has (came with the camera). She needs more of a 'This is what you can do with this camera beyond the basic' or perhaps a 'Fuji finepix for dummies' :) If you run across anything like that, please feel free to pass it on. I'll read it to her. :)


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