24 January 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Fractalius Christmas Cactus

fun with filters

Fractalius Tulips

Lynette's Flowers

black lightning

sunflower wild

neon petals


  1. These are incredible! Do you use photoshop to do this, or is it something you do with your camera? So cool!

  2. Very cool effects. Some of them blur the line between floral and atmospheric (e.g.,, fire).

  3. Beautiful, they're almost like paintings, I love the sunflower the best though! A blast of light for a January day

  4. Just realized how color-starved I am! Sitting here, drinking these in... love the special effects.

  5. Ah, flowers. Springtime. Warmth. Oh my, what a great post!

  6. you sure do grow some funky flowers out west

  7. Yes, how do you do it? I especially love the third from the bottom and the neon pink one.

    Spring's a-comin'!

  8. nice! What program did you use for these effects? I would not mind trying it. It looks great.

  9. I love what you've done here!


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