10 January 2012

Wordless Wednesday


December 27, 2011

country sunrise

the Spirit of Christmas burns on

fun with a graduated filter

filtered glory


  1. Love the tree with the little lights in it!

  2. Wow. They just keep getting better.

  3. Very impressive...the windmill looks great.

  4. Beautiful sunrise and sunset images, once again! I particularly like the one with the silhouette of the tree and the lights.

  5. Wow wow wow. Every time I see your pictures, I say to myself, "Remind me again why I live in NYC????"

  6. Oh that red! We ordered two of your calendars--wildlife and sunrise/sunset--they just came, and we are already enjoying them.

  7. That second to last one could be a 4th of July photo - red, white, and blue. I love the glowing and burning photos too. You are so good at being at the right place at the right time.


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