20 January 2012

Wordless Unveiled

It's baaaack!

My camera was still in the shop this week, so I didn't have anything freshly mind-blowing and eye-popping to insert on Wordless Wednesday. So I plugged in a few archive shots from a gallery of serious manipulation and garnered a few humorous comments.

bedroom window

Mostly, people wanted to know: What the heck is that?!?


Well, it's sort of like a really old commercial from back in the days of the dinosaurs. Remember the frying pan, egg dropped in, frying, right before your eyes? "This is your brain. This is your brain on drugs. Any questions?"

blind shadows

This is my bedroom window. With a blanket over it. Because it's winter. That's the sun coming through the blinds. I thought it looked cool. So I took a few pictures.

leopard skin

This is my bedroom window on the equivalent of drugs - PhotoShop. Any questions?

to quilt, or not to quilt

Monday was supposed to be the day I finished up my snowflake quilt for the 2012 Denver National Quilt Festival. But my bedroom, which is where the sewing machine currently resides, is too dark. Because there's a blanket over the window. My friend Ruthie asked why I don't put a sleeve on the blanket so I can hang it from a rod and let the sun shine in when the weather outside isn't frightful. I made the mistake of confessing to hanging the blanket with thumbtacks. Besides, it snowed Monday.

Ruthie threatened to send her two-year-old granddaughter to do some redecorating for me.

"Thumbtacks indeed!" she scowled.

You thought Wordless Wednesday made you dizzy...

This is my bedroom window. This is my bedroom window on drugs. And thumbtacks. Any questions?


  1. Uh oh, I think that Snowcatcher might be on drugs based on that post :)

    Just kidding, of course. The last one of your bedroom window (is it really your bedroom window) is great!

  2. One of our bedroom window blinds broke a few weeks ago. Today I finally replaced it. With a sheet. Hung over a spare curtain rod. Held together with safety pins. (I was quite proud of my ingenuity.)

    I was originally planning to tack the sheet up with thumbtacks, but the window is one that Mr. M opens when he airs out every day, and I knew he would somehow manage to pull the tacks out.

    I've got thumbtacks holding things up all over the place.

    I think your "twins separated at birth" theory is correct. :)

  3. Now I feel a LOT dizzy. I am so happy, my bedroom window doesn´t look like yours... LOL.

  4. Wow, once again, great photos!
    As for the thumbtacked curtains, I'm a military spouse. Thumbtacked curtains are common practice. But if you have crochet cotton, crochet a chain as wide as your window and thumbtack THAT, and then you can have a sliding curtain AND thumbtacks. :)
    Thanks again for a great blog!


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