03 January 2012


60 miles on January 2!

Eleven consecutive months with a 60-mile day! One more month to go!

February likely will be the most difficult; it's the month I wasn't able to get in a 60-mile ride last year, thanks to snow and absence of daylight. So it is entirely possible the streak might end at 11.

Yet still, how many 51-year-olds with no cartilage in one knee and an emergency back surgery under their belt have done this?

I did!


  1. What a fantastic achievement! Be very, very proud of yourself!!

  2. So inspiring that you do this. YOU GO GIRL!!! Happy 2012!

  3. Exactly! I'd say you already won! Big time! In oh so many ways! ;)

  4. You go girl! I bet keeping your muscles fit is what is keeping you from having to have knee surgery, right? Even if you have to stop at 11, it is waaaaay more than most people will ever even consider - let alone try to accomplish!

  5. Speechless with admiration. Good luck in February - perhaps the 13th will be your lucky day. :)

  6. way to go, but next time feel free to lie and say you are younger than I am. ;')


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