26 January 2012

A New Home

Free to Good Homes

THE sweater was unraveled on anniversary day while said unwinder unwound atop the trainer in the basement in perfect tempo with the "Chasing Legends" soundtrack. All the yarn was back in a huge ball by the end of the second mountain stage of the 1994 Tour de France, when Big Mig claimed the maillot jaune. And not one fiber got tangled in the pedals!

Someone had sent me a link back in December to a group of volunteers who were actively seeking yarn donations for charity projects. Of course, this dumb blonde deleted the email and as a result had to search to find the Colorado group looking for yarn.

Finally, I found the Knit-Wits, based in Colorado Springs, who make handmade items for just about every charity you could possibly imagine. Preemies, elderly, homeless, chemo patients, veterans, Wounded Warriors...

My heart soared. I was so touched by the amount of giving this quarter-century-long group takes on, I went through all my stash and cleared out enough to fill two huge bags. And then, hoping something would be made specifically for a veteran or Wounded Warrior, I drove to the nearest discount store and purchased three more bags of red, white and blue yarn.

Off I drove to deliver the bags of goodies. Monday morning I received a note of extreme gratitude. "We're so excited over the yarn you have sent our way..." Included was a promise to send a photo of THE yarn so I can see what it becomes.

Which, of course, I will so happily share here.

Nothing heals the heart quite like doing something good for someone in need.


  1. One time we had a lady in our ward whose health and finances were on the decline and she needed yarn to make granny square lap robes for people in our local nursing home. I took a BIG Black bag of yarn to her then. I have kept my yarn/ thread buying under more control since then. Congratulations on a good job!

  2. How absolutely wonderful! Can't wait to see what they make out of it!

  3. So thrilled for you. And that it became such a wonderful blessing for the group. :)

  4. So nice to know that your 'leftovers' will be enjoyed and loved!

  5. Looking forward to seeing the results! A better use for the yarn could not be found.

    love and prayers dear one!

  7. Horray, Snowcatcher! I particularly like that you did the unraveling while pedaling a bike!!!!

  8. Have you been sent any picture's yet? It is wonderful of you to share your stash.

  9. Hi, Autumn

    No, I haven't received any photos, but that's okay. I know the yarn went to a good place(s), and I hope whatever was created will be loved and cherished.


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