19 January 2012

Reptilian Snow

Cortez loves snow.

I'm working on my final pattern for this year's booklet to raise money for the Colorado-Wyoming Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

This one will be called my Lizard Head Pass Snowflake. You think lizards and snow don't mix??? Check out this photo!

Cortez can't wait to go back to Crested Butte!


  1. Oh...I just love the humor in this!! And - then - I love the little reptile you created too! Terrific!

  2. Oh this is just too cute, you make the greatest things...love the presentation, and just how did you get a sneak view of my dream! Yes, it's odd, I know it's all the cold warnings going on here right now, but I dreamed I came across like a group of escaped animals from like a science class, a whole bunch of them that needed to be carried inside out of the snow and cold! Seriously! This is so funny!

  3. Do his sweaters come in a while range of colors? LOL.

    Renee :)

  4. Very cute, makes me smile :)

  5. You know that was supposed to say "do his sweaters come in a WIDE range of colors", right?

    Renee :/

  6. I love his little sweater. He looks pretty comfortable in the snow.


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