02 February 2012


Three more days...

Awesome 2003 logo

highway to...

Lizard Head Pass

lame 2005 logo and no Sobe luck

blessed event


future riders

I should buy this one.

Day 1 Joy

Day 2 Owie

The sweet Trek Madone I got to ride for two days while my bike was being repaired.

with Olympian Alison Dunlap!!!

3rd RtR in the bag!


  1. I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike....

    The tandem shot made me miss our old Santana. But WHAT a fun set of pictures! (Except maybe the derailleur.) And very exciting too. Are you doing the Ride this year? Is there any kind of lottery to get in? No wonder you're so diligent to train at night.

  2. Sue, now I'm going to have that song playing in my head all day! As if it didn't already a lot of the time...

    We won't decide whether to attempt this year's lottery until we see the route, which will be announced on Sunday. If we like the route and the price isn't too high, we'll go into the lottery and wait a month to find out if we've been drawn. And schedule something else wonderful if we don't get drawn because it's such a big letdown when you get psyched for a ride and then don't get to do it.

  3. Is that your bike with the cool tires? Love it! Good luck! Hope you get in if you decide to enter! And the little horse ... ahhhhh. Which camera are you using there???

  4. I love the biking photos! We stopped at the exact spot where you and the Lizard did in Colorado National Monument. When we stopped, there was a climber standing atop the tower that is just behind your right shoulder in the photo. Wow!!!


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