16 February 2012

Flake on Me

snowflakes on my coat sleeve

Some may have called it a miserable commute.

A good six inches of snow when only half an inch of dusting was forecast, automobile/tree entanglements at both neighborhood exits (no injuries at either, thankfully), miles of gridlock past the snarls, a half-hour wait in 9 degrees for commuter trains that couldn't manage forward motion due to unexpected accumulation and track blockage, sardine-like quarters aboard trains when they did arrive, the potential loss of an hour or more of vacation time, and the snow continued to fall even though the sun was supposed to make a showing.

For me, appropriately dressed and daily fantasizer of all things flake, I kept watching white powdery puffs hit the black section of my coat sleeve and break up into individual and intricate snowflakes while visions of crochet stitches danced in my head. I kept wishing I had a microscope! Or at least my Nikon with macro lens. The iPhone just couldn't capture the magic.

But my crochet hook just might!

What my Nikon saw during the next storm.

NOT with the iPhone

NOT with the iPhone

NOT with the iPhone


  1. Aren't snowflakes just awesome? I ordered a 'nifty fifty' 500mm f/1.8 lens with my new camera. Maybe I'll be able to get something so nice! I have hopes anyway. :) Well, maybe not as close as yours, but has to be better than my Fuji. :)

  2. So beautiful. I love watching snowflakes fall on my sleeve too - and I hate it when they melt. Your shots are pretty good! No two flakes alike. Don't you love it?

  3. So? Will one of your newest snowflakes creation come from one of these pics and called Snowflake on my Shoulder??

    I love the pics.

  4. Thank you, Sue, Marigold and Brenda! Brenda, I LOVE your idea! I just may have to do that!!!


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