21 February 2012

Wordless Wednesday

first view of The Wave

another dimension




traces of the previous night's snow

petrified dunes

color changing

drama queen


  1. Wow, Deb! You have taken my breath away once again. This is a stunning collection, and makes me want to visit this incredible place.

  2. Beautiful! I love this sort of landscape and miss it. I really need to get back to the CO/UT/NM/AZ again.

  3. Wonderful, Amazing, Beautiful - I run out of superlatives. Wow, God is the ultimate artist.

  4. What a stunning place! Great inspiration for an art quilt! Brazilian kisses...

  5. -Sigh- I need to get out more... I second the comment, "Wow, God is the ultimate artist." He is totally amazing!

  6. It was worth every moment of driving - I can tell. Your photos are gorgeous.

  7. These are the ultimate choice for Wordless Wednesday, because there are no words to adequately describe such an awesome sight!

  8. Wow! The texture and the amazing formations are fantastic. Great shots!

  9. as pretty as Bryce Canyon. As I was lucky to visit onece. This place is stunning, but I can´t really guess where it is. Your labels don´t tell. :( It has to be a Nat Park anyway. Gorgeous shots.

    Re the rug. It probably smells badly after being out the entire winter.

  10. Wow again! These are so stunning. Thanks for taking us along.

    Some of them make me think of a giant geological taffy pull...

  11. I second everything said above, these are amazing shots of a really unusual landscape! Who knew rock could look so malleable, it's amazing

  12. Wow! Your photos are amazing. Loved browsing here today. Happy weekend!


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