23 February 2012

Feeling The Wave



painted sands



air bubble



nature's quilt

stir it up



  1. Do you what me to tell you what types of geologic events took place to form "the WAVE"? I could do it, but you problably wouldn't understand too easily, without a couple of geology books with all terms defined, under your belt. That's what you get when geology was your major, you cn't look at anything without thinking about what processes created it. I'm done now!

  2. Oh my goodness these waves are bringing so many things to mind...from wood, to bacon and back again to more wood, and sand...especially those bottles that you pour various shades of colored sands to build a different view...of maybe a mountain side..or an ocean's cliff...and trail again to the thought of yarn or material....oh what could it all mean!!!!

  3. I'm loving the picture that you called "Crumbly." So AWESOME!

  4. Crumbly was my favourite too. It must have been hard to stop taking pictures - such a beautiful place.

  5. I didn't think the pictures of this place could get any better,but you just keep them coming!

  6. thanks for the beauty. It makes me so grateful for having had the pleasure to have been west of the Mississippi.


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