28 February 2012

Wordless Wednesday


crumbly layers

cliff face

they all fall down


Hickman Bridge



layers cracked



  1. The mound in that fifth photo down reminds me of one of those hybrid cauliflower heads. :) And love the one that looks like two eyes and a mouth! Your new header is awesome too!

  2. Your pictures have been reminding me of a song that The Boy and I like very much: http://youtu.be/q0WIYVk5lbA You should listen to their albums! So awesome.

  3. Haha, I found an ape in the last photo :)

  4. Only a great photographer can translate the grandiosity of nature into pictures. Brazilian kisses...

    ...and I found a little fish in the ninth photo :)

  5. I love the red rock formations there! They look a bit like some of the ones I was writing about from northern Arizona on Monday. Check it out if you stop by to visit :)


  6. I love Towers and Cracked Layers (saw the fish too), and of course the face!

    I'm really enjoying this series of photos. Such a magical place.

  7. I think that you took some great photos on your recent trip. We are hoping that our K is well enough for a trip to the red rock in March. Your photos are making me really look forward to it!

  8. I think that I might have closed the window before my comment was saved... If I did, I won't rewrite the whole thing... I just want to say that these are wonderful photos of the land of red rock.

  9. Love the 'bridge' - so many colours in the rocks, what a perfect photo opp! Must have been some amount of biking to get up that high?


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