01 March 2012

Project Blizzard

topsy turvy

What an exciting month February was! I didn't need to search for reasons to smile, but I did, and all 29 days rewarded me. Richly!!!

Our successful hike into The Wave will provide dreamy, romantic, adventurous and creative inspiration for years to come. (Check out the newest free wallpaper on the sidebar, too!)

tunnel of wave

Larkspur I'd forgotten planting outside last May finally began sprouting - INDOORS - in December and then bloomed vividly during the biggest snowfall of the year (36 inches in 5 days!). Biggest snowstorm this year so far... February and March traditionally provide the most snow of the year along the Front Range of Colorado.

I'd planted rosemary and lavender in the pots when I thought nothing would come of the flowers, and I brought the aromatic spices inside prior to our first frost in August. At first I thought December's new sprouts were cilantro, due to the intricately ornate leaves. But cilantro never blooms like this!


Our biggie snowstorm brought tons of little people smiles in the neighborhood.


In chilly Kanab, Utah, I found what I think are sycamore seeds, still intact. Back in my youth, kids in the neighborhood used to pluck these weapons from the lone tree in our backyard and try to sneak them inside the backs of shirts of unsuspecting playmates and then smash them and rub them in as long as they could get away with it. We'd do what we called "The Itchy Dance" trying to get those itchy bombs away from our skin!

Itchy Bombs!

Finishing THE skirt during the drive to Utah.

Ta da!

Finishing 20 snowflakes for this year's Denver National Quilt Festival entry. Let the quilting begin...

Let the quilting begin.

My outdoor poppy pot has been buried by at least 12 inches of snow all winter long. With two consecutive days of sunshine for the first time in weeks, most of the snow melted, and look what was hiding below!!!

poppy nursery

I bought a bag of tiny potatoes to make homemade potato soup with homegrown rosemary and homegrown chives. One of the potatoes sprouted, so I planted it. And this monster erupted from that tiny potato in just three weeks!

From a tiny potato springs forth a giant!

gorgeous green

The sun came out while we were inside The Wave.

sunlit streaks

The best Valentines' Day card on the planet.


And very best of all, Waterton Canyon opens today after more than a year of being closed!

Just one of the many Waterton Canyon attractions.


  1. I'm glad February was a great month for you. I won a prize on Instructables. Look at the Valentine Contest prize list. A Camera. Not as fancy as yours, but mine died, and my MDH is jeolous of all the time I have been spending with his. Love you, keep smiling.

  2. I definitely see a bear/heart wreath in your future. :) And, I want a monkey hat like that! I really do!

  3. Your photos are wonderful! Love the little crochet bears too, I have mice they might like to meet!
    P x

  4. Wow, Deb, so many things in this post made me smile. Heck, EVERYTHING in this post made me smile! The rainbow bears and hearts, the glorious Wave photos, the beautiful delicate larkspur, the adorable sledding wee one, the GORGEOUS skirt, the plants.

    And the breathtaking snowflake shot. They are all so lovely. (How will you ever decide how to arrange them on a quilt? Hours of delightful dithering ahead!)

    Thanks for sharing your blizzard of joy with us.

  5. got to dig the smiles of little ones. love the last photo


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