06 March 2012

Wordless Wednesday

sandstone frosting

light and shadow

last summer's skeletons

spring bursts forth



sandstone stains


  1. God is an amazing artist.

  2. Just when I thought I'd seen it all ... that place just keeps being amazing!

  3. "Stacked" is what I thought when I saw the second photo - either that or Sandstone Pancakes!

    So, so beautiful.

  4. Wow, some more great red-rock landscapes. I love these, with the textures and vivid coloring.

  5. The swirling patterns and colors are just amazing. Great stuff.

  6. Once again, amazing. I almost like the pic with the brush-weed close-up the best as the flowers give you the sense of how HUGE the rocks are. It must be incredible to bike around that area

  7. In the first picture the mountain looks like combed wet hair. Brazilian kisses...

  8. You have captured the free and limitless expanse, ever so gracefully opening out into the vast beauty of life....just waiting and wishing for someone to applaud it!...a neat place to unwind .....

  9. Those photos are works of art. Red rock, of varying degrees, and blue skies. Last year's plants and new sprouts. Wow, thank you for the beauty.

  10. more of these gorgeous mountains. Thanks for the info about it. I didnot know there was a lottery for tickets to them. Glad you got it so I could see them. Thanks! :)


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