22 March 2012

Eye Candy

The New 'Puter

Our new computer is laser fast compared to the old one. I can run filters and plug-ins again I haven't been able to use in weeks! Months! Years!

The original, unedited shot of a ball of white crochet thread running low.


polar lights

wax buildup

follow the pastel brick road



my kinda thread




  1. These are great, and it's funny but do you ever sit back and think, hmm what would we be doing right now today, if we did not have all these new and inventive ways to create things....we are living in a wonderful (for the most part) life! Although don't get me wrong, I often hate things like too much texting and not enough real live voices! But just imagine a world without well blogging! Yikes!

  2. You are such an artist in so many ways. Amazes me!

  3. Uum, The new computer and your creativity runs wild :). I am not sure if my english is ok, but I hope you understand...

  4. A love affair with visual texture.

    Re technology: What a fascinating modern age we live in. (Quote from "Master and Commander".)

    What DID we do before computers?

  5. ................ thank you....................... for the inspiration!


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